About Smaka

At SMAKA [smah’ka] – taste in Swedish – our promise is to serve food made from the freshest ingredients each day; delicious, healthy and with a Scandinavian twist!

The food is simple and honest with flavours reminiscent of my upbringing in Sweden. We use what’s in season, source local produce where possible with an emphasis on British origin. The taste, texture and vibrant colours of the food aim to entice all your senses.

We are open early each day for hearty breakfasts, fresh, healthy lunches and Swedish inspired dinners. Enjoy coffee from Löfbergs, a family-owned Swedish coffee roaster, or our wonderful selection of loose leaf teas and homemade cakes right through the day. Recycling and sustainability is close at heart. Our menu caters for customers with common food allergies and intolerances such as nuts, dairy and gluten allergies.

Feel at home; enjoy Nordic specialties and free WiFi in a friendly, warm atmosphere.

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